Gain Stage Music came into it's own in 2010 as the online division of Mid Michigan Music. For the last 6 years it has been the only Michigan Based and locally owned online retail store to not only sell to walk in customers but also sells to customers nation wide and international as well. With a vast inventory of speakers, effects pedals, guitars, keyboards, replacement parts, amplifiers and so much more there is nothing in the area like it.

Who is Gain Stage Music? When you click on the shop online tab or on featured items on the front page you are taken to a different site. Don't be confused! Gain Stage Music is owned and operated by Mid Michigan Music. One of the reasons why we chose to not use the "Mid Mich" name is because we felt one of the best ways to make Gain Stage successful was to not make it sound regional. Having a unique name, large inventory and the ability to sell nation wide is a key ingredient to successful selling online. All of the photos you see of the instruments are taken by our online team. We take great pride in having high quality and detailed photos for you and all other customers to see. 

Gain Stage Music also does in house video demos. From the Eastman video a few posts down you will see our team has the ability to do HD Videos with great sound quality. That is all part of what is trying to be accomplished! There simply is nothing like what we are doing around. 

Where is Gain Stage Music? Well it's at 240 E. Main St in Midland Michigan, The "Mid Mich" store front is just only one part of the business our walk in customers get to see. From private lesson rooms, a full luthier's repair shop there is a lot in just our Midland Location. One of those we are talking about is Gain Stage Music. Located is the rear and bottom level of our building you will find a full inventoried warehouse. How cool is that?!  

So there you have it folks. Hopefully this help clears the air and ends a bit of confusion for some. When you click shop online; you're shopping with Mid Michigan Music.

One of our pride points as a music store is and will always be what we can offer our customers, family and friends. We here at Mid Michigan Music have been one of the longest Authorized Mesa Boogie Dealers in the State and are one of the only ones in our area. The Authorized Badge we show comes with a lot of emotion and gravity because Mesa Boogie has helped to shape what we are today; and we have helped them by being the largest presence of their product around.

We not only order Mesa; we ship and sell Mesa products all over the country to customers who can't find their products in their local shops. We on a daily basis get calls and emails as well from around the country as we have a knowledgeable staff in Mesa's Products and can help troubleshoot a situation or answer any questions needed. That is huge in so many ways for a Music Store. We are not just the local shop but a destination spot for products people want but simply can not find. So for us we make sure to be there no matter the situation when it comes to our customers we are there to help. Mesa Boogie is a product of something that is being lost in today's music market. 

Here in 2016 more and more you see manufacturing going overseas and then shipped back here. Mesa Boogie has and will always be made right here in the United States. It will also continue to be made by people and not machines. Mesa's Amps are all made and wired BY HAND. They spare no attention to detail and their quality and production time is unmatched. This is why we say we take pride in being a dealer of their products. Every time a customer comes in and fires one up they know they are about to have a great experience and can you blame them?!

From the about to be released John Petrucci JP-2C to the Mark Series, the Subway D-800 to an older Transatlantic; Mesa has an amp and a tone for any player. Jazz Musicians have came in and fallen in love with the Express 5:25 while "Metal" cats still love the Triple Rec. Mesa does it all and more in so many ways sometimes it's hard to use words, you simply have to play them. For an American Made product you will find few if any who do it better from top to bottom.

One thing we offer is the Custom options. From color to grill, the corners to the pipping you can get a Mesa any way you want basically. Below you will find a slide show of all the custom and regular models we have and have had as well. You can stop in our Midland location anytime you please to try our these amps. In fact we encourage it. 

All photos are courtesy of our Online Department Gain Stage Music. After you check out the photos click this link here to see all the Mesa Gear we have in stock and to purchase online.

The legendary Supro logo with signature lightning bolt stirs several images simultaneously for most guitarists. Sum these up as unique looks, individual tone, and a near-mythic cool factor that is unmatched in the world of vintage tube guitar amplifiers; but the most common reactions to all of these sensations are best rendered simply as, “I want one!” Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Albert Lee and countless other stars wanted one too—and got ’em, using Supro amps to lay down the foundations of blues and rock. But the roots of the Supro brand go way back to a time well before the period for which we best know them now, to the very birth of the electric guitar.

Supro’s origins date to the pre-electric guitar days and the formation of the National Resophonic guitar company around 1926, with roots in the resonator guitars that became a blues tone standard prior to amplification. National and Dobro merged in the early ’30s to form Valco, and Supro. Soon, Valco-made Supro amps were tearing it up on Chicago’s south-side scene, establishing a tone that has been synonymous with gritty blues ever since. By the mid 60’s, Jimi Hendrix was playing a Supro Thunderbolt amp on tour with Little Richard and the Isley Brothers. A few years later, Jimmy Page, inspired by the raw tones of the Chicago blues scene, cut seminal Led Zeppelin tracks on a Supro Model 24… and so the chain of influence goes, full circle from Chicago blues, to London blues-rock, with Supro the hip tone to beat.

Player upon player has since discovered the sonic splendor of Supro’s extremely original circuits and unique build style, as well as the surprising versatility hidden within the appealing simplicity of these amps. Plug into one of these beauties, and you know you are striding out onto original and inspiring sonic ground. There’s a girth, depth, and dimension to the tone of these old circuits that is simply unattainable from the other brands, and a dynamic playing feel that definitely puts a smile on my face every time. Keep them clean, and they are sweet and rich; crank them up, and even the smaller Supro models issue a bold, furious roar that retains its edge and cutting power amid heavy overdrive.

From authentic Chicago blues to all-out rock’n’roll, the Supro brand has distinguished itself as a sound for players who want to make their own mark on music, rather than merely chasing some tired standard that has gone before. Players who know Supro amps and understand what they can do have always appreciated them for their ability to help you sound like you. Supro has always presented a great alternative way to get your music made, and to get it noticed. For years, the only way to achieve that legendary Supro tone was to track down an original amp, get it running well, and hope it stayed that way. Not any more. Supro is back—and the lore, the legend, the tone, and the total attitude is back with it. Check out Supro’s growing lineup of American-made amplifiers that honor the original circuits, while presenting value and performance unparalleled in today’s market, and a tone that is truly all your own.

Why We Love Supro:

We make this statement a lot only because we truly mean it. We have our customers best interest in mind. Supro is a company that appeared to be lost to the ages after many buyouts and failed reboots with flawed designs. Gone were the days for "Kings" of Tone and user in the overseas production and designs that did not hold a candle to the name of long ago.

Now here we are in 2016 and Supro is carving it's way right back up the mountain. Being made in the United States again with a great team of music lovers and lovers of what Supro was; they have managed to turn the ship around. Supro amps are not only a tone junkies dream, they are a pedal junkies too! There are few if not many amps on the market that play so friendly with pedals. Whether your into the tones of a EHX Big Muff PI, the ever loved TS9 or some more of the synthy and odd like the Bit Commander style pedals; they all shine with Supro Amps. 

With pricing starting at $1,099 how can you go wrong?!? We are talking about American Made all tube amplifiers....seriously it's true. While if you find yourself on the new side of playing guitar that price may not meet your budget and that is a 100% fine. For players who gig multiple times a week and need well made and great sounding amps you won't find much in the tube amp world with this quality at these prices. We love demoing these on our showroom floor 6 DAYS A WEEK. If you would like to see more specs and models we currently have in stock please click here

The Eastman E10OM Orchestra Acoustic comes to you at a street price of $1099. However; do not let the price scare you off. Sporting a solid Adirondack Spruce top, Hand-carved scalloped X bracing and solid Mahogany sides/back this guitar is pure tone. Where Eastman excels as a guitar builder is their attention to the details. Simply put; these guitars are made for players not to hang on a wall.

The E10OM is a well balanced tone guitar. Whether you are a strummer, flat picker and or finger style player this model and all models of Eastman can perform to your style not you to the constraints of the instrument. Eastman is commonly thought of as a Martin with a great deal in the price. While your are getting one killer deal on the price, these guitars are not Martins.

Eastman guitars are similar in some of the tone woods they use from the Adirondack Spruce to the Ebony fingerboard but they are not a Martin they are an Eastman. With dynamic tone found with different playing styles, medium low action and slimmer feeling neck they do set themselves apart. The most common question we get from our customers is "So it's like a Martin right"? The answer is an honest no. They are extremely well built Chinese Guitars. To learn more about the history of this amazing company follow the link here: Eastman History

Now don't be a skeptic as to where these guitars are built. The modern truth is that guitar manufacturing over the last 20 years has changed exponentially and for the better! Companies like Eastman, Cort, Warwick/Framus and so many others have overseas produced instruments that will simply blow you away. Want a great example? The Eastman E10OM. With all of the great tone woods and hand crafted bracing this guitar is a true winner. From it's build to it's price there are not a lot of guitars that can compare.

All video and photos are courtesy of our Online Shopping Department Gain Stage Music. If you would like more photos or information or to purchase Eastman guitars with us online please click here. 

From G&L:

Leo Fender† passed away on a rainy day in March of 1991, an event which shook the Music World: The father of modern music was gone. It was on that very day that Leo had completed his last prototype instrument, after which he declared to his wife Phyllis that he had given all he can to the musicians of the world.

Before his passing, he wanted to be sure that the legacy of G&L would continue to shine even brighter in the future. He knew that he must look after the people of G&L, his family, so that they would remain secure and free to continue building the finest guitars and basses in the world. His wife Phyllis shared his dream, and she chose BBE Sound, under the leadership of Chairman John C. McLaren, to take over the management of G&L and to expand and develop it in the way Leo would have wanted. Leo had begun discussions several years before with John, who Leo respected. Leo felt he could entrust John to continue his work with G&L, in which he took such great pride. John shares Leo's vision of G&L as a maker of superb instruments, lovingly crafted for discerning musicians. The arrangements were made that the ownership would be transferred to John's company, BBE Sound. Leo's wife Phyllis remains as Honorary Chairman of G&L - reminders to the world that the spirit and integrity of Leo Fender will continue on in every instrument made at G&L. Today, G&L is committed to preserving the memory and rich history of Leo Fender, as well as his passion for creating instruments musicians will embrace for decades to come.

Today the G&L factory continues production as Leo would have wanted. His private workshop, the center of his creativity, remains untouched as it was on his last day and has been visited by music people from around the world. While the people of G&L, his people, continue to build the instruments with love, dedication and great skill. In preserving the uniqueness of G&L and respecting the vision of its founder, John C. McLaren said, "G&L will always be willing to make changes. Leo Fender was a symbol of change and evolution for the benefit of musicians. But for any change that is considered, we must first ask ourselves, 'Would Leo have wanted it this way?' If yes, then we do it. If not, then we will not. We always want to feel that Leo Fender would be proud of today's G&L."

By Mid Michigan Music:

When we say things to our customers like "We carry the best selection of guitars around" we do our very best to back that up. Being one of the if not the largest G&L Dealers in the State; we love everything about and made by G&L. We may be bias but who cares?!? These guitars from top to bottom are not only beautiful but are so well made that even Fender enthusiast sing their praises when they come in our store. It's not hard to believe, they were designed by Leo Fender himself!

What makes our selection of G&L guitars and basses such a customer favorite is the fact that almost all of our models where specially chosen with attention to the details and spec build. What does this mean? It means that our selection of the guitars we made for us with our own custom builds. From neck profile, shape, finish, pickup styles, electronics, and body colors, lacquers and finishes; almost all of these guitars have special nuances and touches. Don't worry the price is not gonna hurt you either. Ranging from $1,099 to $1,499 these "custom" touches still price these guitars in the same range of your Fender American Standards that have less options than our G&L's.

If you find that you're not looking for a guitar in that price range we still have your covered. G&L's Tribute series still brings all of their great guitar and basses models and a far more affordable price. The Legacy, ASAT, L2000, Comanche, S-500 and more all come at prices starting at $429 and up. Stop in and check out our ever changing and growing selection. Below photos are courtesy of our Online Department GAIN STAGE MUSIC of some of the models we currently carry and have carried. To see more or are looking to purchase G&L Guitars simply click here.
From Knaggs:

Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by World renowned designer and luthier Joe Knaggs and Branding/Marketing expert Peter Wolf, two well respected industry veterans with a vast history and experience in their respective fields.
All designs/creations are named after American Indian river names. Chesapeake line models Choptank, Severn, Potomac & Patuxent are named after tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay while the Influence line Kenai, Keya, Chena, Sheyenne are named after rivers in North America.

Wood & Materials are carefully selected and processes are state-of the art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are making sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados.

Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together we have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

Mid Michigan Music:

We became the first and only Michigan Knaggs Dealer in the early Spring of 2015. Since then they have been more than just an eye catcher on our showroom floor. They are a sense of pride from for us to be able to sell to any one player who walks through the door. From the beginner looking for a first time guitar to the Pro looking to add to their collection; we cover the entire gambit and Knaggs is huge in that for us. 

When people see our guitar wall they have a chance to see brands they are familiar with and brands that they have never heard of that will blow them away and that is Knaggs Guitars. Take a look at the slide show below of models we have and have had in stock. All photos are taken courtesy of our Online Department GAIN STAGE MUSIC.